Thermography Inspections

Thermography Inspections

The technique of thermography consists of the generation of images from the infrared radiation emitted by an object, which is directly related to the temperature thereof. It is based on the detection of hot spots of a component / equipment, measuring its temperature without contact.

Thermography is a technique used, more and more, in the predictive maintenance of a plant. Other applications include:
• Process control: steel, glass, plastic, paper, castings, molds, etc.
• Quality control: composite materials (rolling and impact), fatigue of structures, etc.
• Investigation and development.
• Non-destructive testing.
Thus, the various elements in which this maintenance technique can be used are:
• Mechanical elements (insulation of pipes and containers, heat exchangers, refrigerators, ovens, boilers, valves, bearings, electric motors, thermal motors, clamps and mechanical friction).
• Electrical elements (switch cabinets, insulation deterioration, transformers – hot spots and oil level – switches and disconnectors, wiring, low voltage switchboards, substations, electricity transmission lines and power capacitors).
In addition, there are many other fields where thermographic inspection is applied, such as thermal design, electronics, material design, medicine, veterinary studies, environment, surveillance, etc.

ELECTROCARRASCO, counts on a highly qualified technical team and with a great experience in the use of this technique and in the advice to its clients.

After the thermographic inspection, a report is generated which details the inspection methodology, the means used, the conditions of reference, the real images, the thermographic images and an analysis of the anomalies of the equipment that have been detected by inspection.