Electrical Installations: Individuals Companies Communities

We realize Electrical installations and reforms for individuals, companies and communities of neighbors.

Professional Electrical Services

Our experience with a specialist trajectory in this sector of the electrical installations of 25 years, realizing electrical reforms of estates, community of vecionos, commercial premises, restaurants and hotels. As professionals, we are trained and committed to providing quality services, offering previous steps for improvements in infrastructure, leading to energy efficiency, improved accessibility and safe and quality electrical installations. We offer adapted and updated budgets, amortizing them with interesting proposals. Covering the needs of energy saving and security for people. We have also been specializing in the assembly of sound equipment, both individually at home, passing through many public places, terraces, pubs, and many others, to the sounding of covered sports pavilions, swimming pools and athletics tracks, We are endorsed as an authentic company in the sector. At the same time, we are pleased to offer all the services of installation of satellite and terrestrial digital television systems, with a specialist trajectory in this sector, of more than 20 years.
Our knowledge of the electric market, enables us to offer our customers the greatest advantages, both in quality and in free comprehensive advice of all products in this wide and complex field, with the most competitive and favorable prices.